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From political activists to production company founders, Tiffany and James have built a world-class following.

James and Tiffany have known each other since 1983. After finding each other again in 2011 and marrying, they began documenting their political activism and founded their production company, Eleven Films. They are widely recognized as defining the modern viral digital political video. Eleven Films has become the premier content producer for digital and broadcast political ads as well as viral book trailers for some of the biggest bestselling authors in the world. Their work has been honored by both the Webby and Telly Awards and viewed almost half a billion times on social media. 


Eleven Films once again recognizes the weight of the upcoming 2024 election and has stopped all current client projects to focus on getting Joe Biden re-elected, maintaining control of the Senate, and winning back the House. This is the democratic fight of our lives and we can't do it without you. So let's fight back together. #DraftElevenFilms







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