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Take 1:26 to watch this.
- Beto O'Rourke

This is fantastic.
- Director Judd Apatow

Pure INSPIRATION.  If you feel any election fatigue, THIS is your antidote.  This is my America.
-Debra Messing

Love this video. Watch to the end for a cameo of yours truly.  Let's do this.
-George Takei

-Seth Abramson

-Zach Braff

-Vincent D'Onofrio

A stunning new short film warns senators about how they will be remembered if they vote to acquit the president.
-Huffington Post

I cried ugly tears after watching.  Thank you Eleven Films for including me.
-Alyssa Milano

Quite an image update for Democrats courtesy of Eleven Films.
- MSNBC's Joy Reid

Not gonna lie.  This video is EPIC.
-David Yankovich

-Misha Collins

Get inspired and share!
-Amy Siskind

Well Done.
-Justine Bateman

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