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Eleven FIlms wins at the 45th Annual Telly Awards

Eleven Films is proud to announce that our video Tomorrow is Too Late was a winner at the 45th Annual Telly Awards in the Public Service and Activism category.

We're absolutely thrilled to share that we've been honored with a Telly Award once again! This achievement marks our twelfth Telly Award win since 2020, adding to our collection of six Webby Award recognitions. Our videos The Dangerous Ones, Midnight in Washington, The American Woman, and Awaken Dawn, among others, have won Telly Awards as well.

This particular victory is doubly sweet for several reasons. Firstly, it celebrates not only our creative vision but also the outstanding performances and technical prowess of our team, specifically highlighting Raiyasha Paris's incredible acting and Blake Bieker's exceptional cinematography. Winning as a team, and celebrating the rise of emerging talent, amplifies this honor immensely.

Additionally, this award represents a significant milestone for us as it's the first video that we've scripted, cast, and filmed entirely by ourselves. Unlike our usual projects, which predominantly consist of editing together 99% news clips, this was our chance to dive deep into a full-scale production, overseeing every aspect from the ground up. This win not only acknowledges our traditional strengths but also our evolving capabilities in storytelling and film-making.

Lastly, Tomorrow is Too Late was made possible entirely through the support of our community via our #DraftElevenFilms campaign. This award belongs to every one of our backers just as much as it does to us. We hope they share in the pride of this achievement, knowing that their support was crucial to our success!

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