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A call from Congressman Adam Schiff

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

True story.

About 5 weeks ago, Tiffany and I were sitting on the couch, watching Ozark on Netflix and sipping some wine. Suddenly my cell phone buzzed.

“No caller ID” it said.

I assumed it was one of our clients who generally calls from a blocked number. I answered with a big "HELLO"! Again, assuming it was our familiar client.

“Hello James? This is Congressman Adam Schiff”.

I gulped deep.

Our eyes got big 👀 and I said “Yes, Congressman. I am here with Tiffany as well”. For the next 10 minutes, Tiffany and I had the pleasure to speak with a true patriot. He was very soft spoken, very kind and only had warm words. He thanked us for making the “Midnight In Washington” video. We were so humbled and also having a “is this really happening?” moment.

He was at the capital awaiting a vote on a Coronavirus relief bill and wanted to reach out. We had no idea he was going to call. Truth? We had no idea if he had even seen it. But I guess that was a bit naive of us.

Tonight, that video just surpassed 10 million views on Twitter. (UPDATE: Over 12.5 Million now)

A milestone for a filmmaker.

A milestone for Tiffany and I.

A milestone for the resistance.

A milestone for grassroots. Tiffany and I were not paid in any way to make it.

I told the Congressman that it was easy to make a great video out of an amazing speech. And how.

Just thought I’d share a crazy moment.

Hope all of you are safe. ❤️

Warmly, James

Eleven Films


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